CL Laptop Battery for use with SAMSUNG NP-P50, NP-R65, NP-R70, NP-X60, P210, P460, P50, P560, P60, Q210, Q310, R40, R410, R45, R460, R505, R510, R60, R610, R65, R70, R710, X360, X460, X60, X65 Series

1200 2800

This ClubLaptop (CL) Hi-Life replacement Battery is made from High grade cells and highest quality parts. This CL brand replacement battery is 100% comparable to Original battery in all terms including its size, appearance and most important QUALITY. Each CL Laptop Battery has to pass strict quality control procedures including filtration and safety testing of voltage, capacity and battery core (body). Each battery also passes necessary authentication certifications like CE, ROHS etc. before leaving the factory, so you can be rest assured for its quality, durability and performance.